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April 2020 Proposed Panel Discussion Topics


Are you prepared for the future of work NOW? - The profile of the workforce we have known is changing rapidly. Automation and artificial intelligence impacts could displace between 30-50% of current jobs (400-800M global workers), leaving many employees in need of re-skilling, job re-imaging, or complete change of job category. This is complicated by the changing mix of gen X, Y, and Z who embody a completely different mindset of career expectations. Additionally, self-employment is expected to triple in volume by 2020 offering a new wave of freelancers, contractors, task-based talent and innovation to hiring organizations. Executives need to drive a creative mix of new cultural dynamics, organizational design, technical capabilities and employee development to drive innovation, successfully compete in the global marketplace and deliver real-time business results.

Consumerizing Enterprise IT - The consumerization of enterprise technology has been happening for years, emerging first as “shadow IT” and maturing to the point of influencing technology investments. The employee and customer base of large enterprises have been conditioned to expect concepts like “one click ordering” and “one click queries” for shopping and research, and anything less is viewed as cumbersome and old-school technology. Companies without a strategy to embrace the simplification of service and product delivery stand to lose competitive market advantage and the ability to recruit and retain top talent. It’s time for enterprise leaders to strategically transform, or face extinction.

Turning Analytics to Real Dollars - Every 2 business days, more data is produced than all the data generated between the beginning of time and 2003. In turn, data processing and storage costs have decreased by a factor more than 1000 during the last decade. The challenge for the enterprise is not capturing the data but applying it to transform business models and deliver hard dollars business outcomes. Market leaders are using selective business intelligence to incorporate the right data, at the right time, to drive powerful decisions. Analytics must be embedded inside business processes and functions for competitive advantage. Enterprises that actively embrace this strategy will have the power to build new business models, disrupt competitive markets, and develop new revenue streams.

What is Your Network Cocktail? - The network is at the heart of nearly every enterprise business. As network technology continues to evolve, senior leaders are faced with a growing number of diverse ingredients to build the connectivity they need to support their business vision. Maneuvering the options and getting to the correct recipe for your enterprise now includes questioning everything we have assumed about networks. Why invest in data centers when we have the cloud and abundant bandwidth? Why bother with wireline connectivity, when wireless can now deliver viable speed, capacity and resilience? Enterprise leaders must carefully rethink their network “cocktail” and the impact to financial, operational and business outcomes.

Going to The Enhanced Edge Without Falling Off - A trillion things on the “edge” are coming. If you consider the world population nearing 8B and a potential 500B devices held by individuals, it is very real. The path to realizing benefits from the edge still is complicated, and leaders must consider the value of enabling data processing closer to the end user, how cloud and data centers play into the edge strategy, and how service and products will be impacted. A long-term vision is critical to ensure infrastructure will support huge amounts of data in real time, wrapped in a focused understanding of the interdependencies with market and business objectives. Leaders without vision and strategy face the risk falling off the cliff.

Demonstrating EQ and Leadership Without Crying - You have the top job, you’re the smartest one in the room, and unfortunately, it’s no longer enough. Raw executive intelligence is failing in today’s business world. With disruption of automation and AI in addition to the trials of enterprise transformations, executives are experiencing a resurgence requiring extraordinary emotional intelligence for successful leadership. Executive sincerity and empathy are paramount to keep rapid pace to decisions and changes. Lagging executives will continue to fall into the trap being surrounded by those who mirror their beliefs and sentiments, while transformative leaders will exhibit transparency, confidence, agility, and exceptional listening abilities.


June 2019 CXO Round Table Dinner topics:


Our New Reality - The rate of technology change is impacting our entire ecosystem, and it’s accelerating. This requires a shift in the way leaders approach and address transformation opportunities. Success now depends on the ability to shed the thinking and belief systems we have subscribed to, and be able to pivot and reorient quickly.

Competing for Talent - The ability to recruit and retain top-notch talent in the New York marketplace has become a significant challenge with companies like Google, Salesforce, Amazon and Facebook gathering top candidates in their organizations. Leaders need to rethink their approach and execution for recruiting in hyper-competitive metro areas.

The Ties That Bind - When recruiting and building organizations, leaders must consider three sides of the equation – what people want from the company, what the company needs from its people, and the skills available to fulfill the mission. This can be a tedious line to walk with cultural, generational and technical issues complicating the equation. In addition, higher education plays an important role in preparing the next wave of talent that will drive innovations in the years to come.


Select Earlier Session Panel Topics:


A Day in the Life of Privacy  - Technology often out paces our ability to think through the implications prior to widespread adoption as demonstrated by social media, mobility and the Internet of Things. With quantum computing and artificial intelligence poised to take our data to new levels of personalization and commercialization, this panel will dive into security, privacy, and individuality of technology and the streams of data it produces.


Crossing the Biological and Physical Divide - Companies have traditionally shaped their products, services and customer experiences around familiar institutions including the home, workplace and social venues. With augmented and virtual reality becoming mainstream and artificial intelligence enabling new realities, how will leaders take advantage and drive new business and growth?  This panel will explore the near-term thinking and forward-looking accounts of business and service delivery experiences in the context of a converged future.


Digital Alchemy: IoT, Blockchain and AI - As IoT, blockchain and AI technologies moves past their infancy, certain trends and economic realities are becoming clear. Perhaps the most significant of those is the realization that traditional business models just won’t work. Connected objects offer a host of new opportunities for companies to create new services. The amount of data generated by the billions of connected objects will be the perfect complement to feed to many AI applications. And, blockchain technology could be used to secure the entire decentralized ecosystem. This panel will focus on how business and technology leaders can begin to prepare for the opportunity, identify the interdependencies, and take advantage of the disruption ahead of their competitors.


Living on the Edge: The Migration of Computing and Analytics to the Point of Origin - The need for speed will drive most businesses to evaluate a shift of computing and analytics resources to the edge in the coming years, with cheaper hardware, better software and escalating cloud and connectivity costs paving the road for the migration. In addition, AI and predictive analytics will enable new capabilities for service delivery, customer experiences and uplifted performance. This panel will explore how leaders can embrace and accelerate their strategies for enabling the edge in their business, and make a successful pivot in their business model and culture.


Leading and Thriving in Disruption - Disruption is pervasive—it’s happening in every industry, and change is the only constant. What’s most important in this time of rapid change is how leaders respond and lead their companies through it. Digital disruptors prey on complacency, and now is not the time for business as usual. All companies need to act like challengers and embrace disruption to re-imagine their businesses. No matter where you are on the journey this panel will explore the opportunities, challenges and real life-lessons in leading and leveraging disruption to drive positive business transformation.


Power, Control and Gender Archetypes: Shaping the Next 100 Years of Leadership - History has shaped our belief systems more profoundly than we might think, with many of the observed gender dynamics we experience every day having been shaped by thousands of years of religious, cultural and evolutionary dialogue. How can leaders begin to break down traditional roles, and enable and empower a level playing field regardless of gender? This panel will explore the life lessons, observed best practices and innovative ideas for enabling both men and women to arrive and thrive in the C-suite.





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